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 - Painted completed item

 - MS GRADE (1/144 SCALE)

 - Material : Resin

 - Real detail and a sense of weight

 - Big volume 

 - Target age : Over 15 years old

Suitable for recreating street battles.
It will have a best match with the 1/144 scale plastic model



· Be careful because there are many sharp parts and heavy.
· Be careful when storing the product, as it may break easily if it is dropped.



1. Economic Airmail 

 - Estimated delivery time is 1~2 weeks. 

​ - It is the most economical method, but it takes a lot of time.

 - Some areas are unable to respond to shipments.

- Special occasional options.

  The amount varies depending on the detailed address, so if you need it,

  please request it separately by e-mail


2. EMS 

 - Estimated delivery time is 5~14 business days 
 - the most stable and universal mode of transportation.

 - This is our basic shipping method.​​​


3. DHL 

 - Estimated delivery time is 3~5 business days 

 - It is the fastest way to transport, but it is the most expensive.

 - Please request when urgent delivery is required.

- Special occasional options.

  The amount varies depending on the detailed address, so if you need it,

  please request it separately by e-mail



·We will ship within 2 days after confirming the order.
·Please note that we cannot ship on Saturdays and Sundays due to warehouse reasons.
 (For orders placed from Friday evening to Sunday → Monday morning shipping available)



SKU: 4582519820158
  • ・This product is for ages 15 and up.

    ・Never play except for display purposes.

    ・Never put it in your mouth.

    ・Please do not give it to children younger than the target age.

    ・Please handle and store carefully and do not throw it at people or animals.    

  • Please contact to

    ■Refund and Exchange Policy

    - Customer's simple change of mind cannot be response

    - If there are any defects or defects in the product, please contact support services first.I will inform you about the correspondence.

    - Please note that we will not postpone the replacement.

    - Products purchased between third parties (used stores, auctions, etc.) cannot be determined as initial failure, so they are not covered.

    - Damage to shipping cartons, packaging and packaging materials is not covered for replacement except for serious damage and damage that may affect the body.

    - In principle, we do not accept returns or exchanges for your convenience.

    - Replacement of defective products will take place within one month of release.Support will be discontinued when we run out of stock for compatible products.

    - The situation varies from product to product, so please contact our support service for more information.

    ■About product defects

    : There are individual differences in painting and molding due to the mass production process.

    : Items that are seen in general products and are considered to be product specifications cannot be replaced.

    : Also, please note that the specifications of the actual product and the image sample image.

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